Bacteria Dipslides - SRB Sulphate reducing bacteria


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Product description:

Sulphate reducing bacteria.

General Information:

Dipslides are a simple swabbing and sampling device for assessing microbial contamination. Each unit consists of nutrient agars on a sampling paddle. The paddle is permanently attached to the easy to grip cap, which is contained within a clear plastic shatterproof chamber. Each box of 10 dipslides (1 pack) is batch numbered for quality control purposes.
Dipslides typically come with a use by date of 4 - 9 months, dependent on the manufacture cycle and type of dipslide. 
Your Dipslides should ideally be stored at around 15 degrees C ; they can be stored in higher or lower temperatures so long as the tempreature is not fluctuating. Dipslides should be stored in cool
dry conditions, but not in a refrigerator. Every care is taken to ensure your Dipslides reach you in a perfect condition.

Dipslides are supplied in boxes of 10 individual slides together with identification labels, user instructions and a comparator chart to quantify and interpret growth results.

- Large paddle for easy reading
- Flexible paddle for maximum surface contact
- Airtight Easy To Use lid
- Conveniently boxed in 10's
- Comparator chart provided


Dip slides are ideal for monitoring microbial growth wherever the potential may exceed 1000 organisms per ml of sample fluid. We have listed below some examples of usage.

Industrial waters:
Dipslides can be used for the detection of slime forming bacteria in cooling & industrial waters, storage tanks and for evaluating biocide performance in treated systems.

Industrial Fluids:
Dipslides can be used for the detection of bacteria & moulds in metalworking fluids, paper processing waters and fuel tanks / systems.

Environmental Hygiene:

Dipslides can be used to monitor the surface contamination within domestic or institutional sites.

Leather Industry:
Dipslides can be used for the detection of spoilage organisms in hide and skin soaking liquors.


Test procedures:

1) Remove the dipslide from its tube and immerse in the liquid to be tested for about 10 seconds

2) Remove the dipslide from the liquid and allow draining for a few seconds. Replace the slide in the tube and incubate for 24 – 48 hours.

3) At the end of the incubation period, read the results against the chart provided with the dipslides.

1) Remove the contact slide from its tube and press against the surface to be tested.

2) Turn the slide over and repeat the procedure with the second side.

3) Replace the slide in to the tube and incubate for 24 – 48 hours.

4) At the end of the incubation period, read the results against the chart provided with the dipslides.


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Brand Watertest Systems
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